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Laboratory furniture

Laboratory furniture refers to the specialized furniture and equipment used in scientific laboratories for various purposes such as experimentation, research, testing, and analysis. This furniture is designed to meet the specific needs of laboratory environments, including durability, resistance to chemicals, ease of cleaning, and customization for different types of experiments and equipment.
Common types of laboratory furniture include:
Lab Benches and Tables: These are sturdy work surfaces where experiments and tests are conducted. They often have chemical-resistant surfaces and may include built-in storage or shelving for equipment and supplies.
Fume Hoods: Fume hoods are essential for laboratories where hazardous chemicals are used. They provide a contained area with ventilation to protect researchers from exposure to fumes and vapors.
Cabinets and Storage Units: These are used to store chemicals, glassware, instruments, and other supplies safely and securely. They may have features such as locking mechanisms and adjustable shelves.
Safety Equipment: This includes items such as emergency showers, eyewash stations, fire extinguishers, and spill containment kits to ensure the safety of laboratory personnel in case of accidents.
Chairs and Seating: Ergonomic chairs designed for laboratory use provide comfort and support for researchers who spend long hours working at lab benches.
Sinks and Fixtures: Laboratories require sinks for handwashing, equipment cleaning, and disposal of liquid waste. These sinks are often made of stainless steel and may include features such as foot pedals for hands-free operation.
Instrumentation and Equipment Stands: Specialized stands and mounts are used to secure laboratory instruments such as microscopes, balances, and centrifuges.
Specialized Workstations: Some laboratories require specialized workstations for specific tasks, such as cleanrooms for sensitive experiments or biological safety cabinets for working with hazardous biological materials.

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